Malachite is a "stone of transformation",assisting one in changing situations, and providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution. It assists in clearing and activating all chakras and is very helpful in stimulating the heart and throat chakras.

[Crystal for the Astrological Signs of Capricorn and Scorpio]


Moss Agate helps to improve ego and self-esteem, providing for emotional balancing and strengthening of the positive personality traits. It is said to help one in the acquisition of riches. It is also said to bring one the powers of speed.

[Crystal for the Astrological Signs of Virgo]


Labraborite helps one in sustaining and maintaining, while giving the understanding of ones life purpose. Helps facilitate the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. It represents the moon allowing for unblocked progression throughtout lifes cycle. This stone also helps  one reflect and to facilitate transformations which are beneficial.

[Crystal for the Astrological Signs of Saggitarius, Scorpio, and Leo]


Elephant (especially when the trunks are raised upwards) symbolizes good luck,wisdom and strength. When paired with the most sacred sound "Om", it emobodies the essence of the entire universe.



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